Our commitments


Our commitments

commitments1LENNOX EMEA is deeply convinced that its success will be driven by innovation and a strong investment in its employees.


Technologies evolve, regulations too: the LENNOX EMEA teams work to invent solutions that, day after day, improve the lives of the customers, responding to ever changing expectations :

  • Ease of installation
  • Energy efficiency: how to provide the highest level of comfort while minimising energy costs
  • Reduction of maintenance frequencies and costs
  • Optimization of end of life recycling
  • Common solutions between HVAC and Refrigeration
  • Green solutions able to fit the high legal expectations (including HFO and natural refrigerants’ solutions responding FGaz and other environmental directives)

We focus on the overall cost of use of our solutions, from the start to the end of their lives.

Because of this, LENNOX EMEA is responsible for a number of major innovations. 

Investment in our employees

The growth of recent years is the result of a motivated and talented team, dedicated to our customers needs.


Those commitments always drive us to:

The satisfaction of our customers

This is our first priority: bringing together all of our expertise in order to design, propose and install the best solution, meeting the specifications that we are given. To choose LENNOX EMEA is to entrust your projects to teams of experts who are motivated and attentive.

Sustainable performance

Planning and making commitments for the long term, in a stable framework, conducive to the fulfilment of everyone’s needs and the development of ever more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Answering high environmental standards by developing low GWP solutions, meeting the FGaz and other environmental directives’ standards, and respecting our customers needs in energy consumption savings.


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