17 March 2016
17 March 2016
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Axial fan condenser

Micro channel coil technology

  • Product family: Air cooled condensers & dry-coolers
  • Capacity range (kW): 130 > 1670
  • Eurovent: Certified product

The MXW range is optimized to minimize the footprint required for installation by the combination of original design and inno- vative technology : the condenser is indeed built as modules around W-shaped micro-channels coils for easy installation in confined spaces.

Micro-channel coils allow a significant reduction of refrigerant charge of condenser. The modular construction allows each module to be connected independently offering autonomous regulation of discharges of several compressorised racks. The user may use one single condenser that reduces the space requirement and installation time.


  • Casing made of galvanised steel sheet metal painted with a white powdered polyester paint.
  • Lateral anti-intrusive painted grilles with aesthetic design (option)
  • Unit with attractive design and low height (< 2 meters) for a perfect architectural integration


  • The MXW range is equipped with aluminum micro channel heat exchanger offering reliability and robustness (high mechanical fin resistance) and high corrosion resistance. This technology has proven its value in the automobile sector and is now used for its numerous advantages in refrigeration and air conditionning sectors.
  • These coils offer greater efficiency than traditional coils (copper tubes/aluminum fins).Their reduced weight makes them easier to handle.
  • As the coil is brazed in a single operation, the risk of lea- kage is considerably reduced and the quality inspections are stringent: 100% of the products are tested.
  • Special coating for the coils is available to improve corrosion resistance to aggressive atmospheres.


  • The MXW range is equipped with high reliability external rotor fans.
    > Ø 800 mm : 06P (D/Y) = 880/670 RPM
    > Ø 800 mm : 08P (D/Y) = 680/540 RPM
    > Ø 800 mm : 12P (D/Y) = 430/330 RPM
    > Ø 800 mm : 16P (Y) = 255 RPM
  • These enclosed motors are 400V/3/50 Hz, IP54, with 2-speed (star or delta connections), class F, compliant with standard EN 60529, permanently lubricated.
  • Please contact us when the temperature exceeds 60°C. Fan guards are compliant with safety standard.
    High reliability electronic switching fan motors (EC) are also available as an option, enabling optimized operation of your installation:
    > Ø 800 mm : EC1 (EC oversized motor) = up to 1020 RPM,
    > Ø 800 mm : EC2 = up to 730 RPM.
  • This motor provides energy savings for a given power rating: a detailed comparison of the energy balance may be carried out for each project (please consult us).
  • Fan motors are wired as standard and factory connected.

Why this choice?

  • A range designed to minimize unit footprint
  • High power density for an optimized energy consumption
  • Micro channel technology allowing a signifi cant eduction of refrigerant charge
  • State of the art design with hidden fans for a perfect architectural integration