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11 August 2016
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The partner for your projects!

LENNOX EMEA listens to your needs, then offers a set of systems and services that meet the demands of your business and help you optimise your investments.

With its LENNOX, HK Refrigeration and FRIGA-BOHN brands, our group is a major global player in the air-conditioning and refrigeration markets able to offer appropriate solutions for all your applications with a focus on consulting and proximity.

Energy performance

Energy performance

High energy efficiency

– Class A products
– Compliance with Eco-design standard
– Optimal management of free cooling

Responsiveness and regulation accuracy

– Optimum precision of supply temperature (variable speed compressor)
– Responsive and flexible control system

Indoor air quality

Indoor air quality


– Air filtration level adapted to your application
– Compliance with ERP regulatory requirements

Optimum control of air quality

– Fresh air management using by CO2 sensor




– Integration of premium components
– Certified qualification tests
– 100% of units factory-tested
– Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and 14001


– Easy maintenance thanks to the design of the products
– Replacement with low installation costs (Plug and Play, expertise in adaptation framework…)
– Rapid response (extensive service network) and local stocking of spare parts
– Remote control of your units



Precise control of temperature and humidity

– Systems respond in real time, advanced control
– Temperature can be adapted according to occupancy

Reduced internal and external noise

– Air speed management
– Acoustic comfort solutions




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  • DUO CU

    • Market segments: Food Service, Process, Supermarket
    • Product family: Compressorized products
    • Product range: Condensing unit
    • Type: Multi-compressors
    • Capacity range (kW): 8 > 49
    • Fluid: HFC
    • Eurovent: Not concerned

    Encased outdoor condensing unit


    • Market segments: Food Retail, Non food retail, Restaurants, Shopping malls
    • Product family: Rooftop packaged units
    • Product range: Air cooled rooftop packaged units
    • Air flow (m³/h): 3600 > 19000
    • Cooling (kW): 22 > 80
    • Heating (kW): 20 > 85
    • Eurovent: Certified product

    Air cooled rooftop packaged unit

  • 3C-A

    • Market segments: Food Service, Process
    • Product family: Air heat exchangers
    • Product range: Commercial unit cooler
    • Type: Cubic
    • Capacity range (kW): 1 > 35
    • Fluid: HFC, CO2 (R744), Glycol water
    • Eurovent: Certified product

    Cubic commercial and semi industrial unit cooler


    • Market segments: Food Service
    • Product family: Compressorized products
    • Product range: Condensing unit
    • Type: Single-compressor
    • Capacity range (kW): 0.5 > 10.6
    • Fluid: HFC
    • Eurovent: Not concerned

    Condensing unit