11 August 2016
23 September 2016
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The partner for your projects!

LENNOX EMEA listens to your needs, then offers a set of systems and services that meet the demands of your business and help you optimise your investments.

With its LENNOX, HK Refrigeration and FRIGA-BOHN brands, our group is a major global player in the air-conditioning and refrigeration markets able to offer appropriate solutions for all your applications with a focus on consulting and proximity.

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Energy performance

High energy efficiency

– Class A products
– Compliance with Eco-design standard
– Optimisation of seasonal efficiencies (SEER and SCOP)

Responsiveness and regulation accuracy

– Optimum precision of supply temperature (variable speed compressor)
– Responsive and flexible control system

Energy saving

– Increased energy efficiency with energy recovery solutions and free cooling
– System with variable primary flow (eDrive)
– Optimal functional design of the system components



– Integration of premium components
– Certified qualification tests
– 100% of units factory-tested
– Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and 14001


– Easy maintenance thanks to the design of the products
– Replacement with low installation costs (Plug and Play, expertise in adaptation framework…)
– Rapid response (extensive service network) and local stocking of spare parts

Safe operation

– Advanced control for managing alarms and emergency functions
– Multi-circuit and multi-compressor system


Adaptation to variable loads

– Variable air flow technology
– Self-adaptation between the required capacity and the airflow rate

Numerous heating modes (gas, electricity, water, thermodynamic, recovery)

Wide operating range

– Low and high operating temperature


Data management

– Installation monitoring and diagnostic reports

Remote control

– Alarm and response management in real time

Comparison and optimisation of machines within the same park



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