1. What is Ecodesign?
  2. The customer benefits
  3. Do you need further information related to Ecodesign?
  4. Ecodesign and our products

Since some years, several Ecodesign directives were entered into force. Faced to these numerous evolutions, LENNOX EMEA major actor of air conditioning help their partners to better understand the regulatory environment. This new regulation support all the stakeholders to better promote the seasonal efficiencies and the energy savings of our products.

KYOTO (1997), COP21 (Paris 2015) and COP22 (Marrackech 2016) define the targets to restrict the global warming to 1,5°C





What is Ecodesign?

7 directives to comply for


2009/125/EC Ecodesign

2011/65/EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

2012/19/EU WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment)

2014/68/EU PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)

2014/35/EU Low Voltage

2014/30/EU EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)

2006/42/EC Machinery

  Ecodesign 2009/125/EC ____________

To support that, Ecodesign is a European regulation (EEC) directly linked to the CE mark. It applies to all energy consuming products.

Many directives are included in Ecodesign (2009/125/EC).

The main concerning LENNOX EMEA products are:

EU813/2013 for comfort chillers (heating) Application date: 26th of September, 2015

EU2016/2281 for rooftops, roomtops, contort chiller (cooling)  and high temperature process chiller Application date : 1st of January, 2018

EU1253/2014 for the air handling unit Application date: 1st of January, 2016

EU1095/2015 for process chiller medium temperature and condensing units Application date: 1st of July, 2016.

For more information, click here (link to European Commission Official website).


The majority of these directives include two type of obligation :

Minimum performances targets to reach

Communication to the customers: the product has to be delivered with its “datasheet” with all the requested technical data as defined by the regulation (seasonal efficiencies, partial load efficiencies, acoustic level…)


The customer benefits

In one hand, thanks to Ecodesign calculation methods and seasonal efficiency, it is easier now to demonstrate to your customers the real performances of our units. In an other hand, the pervasive use of EC fans and also multi-compressors (and Inverter compressor in certain cases)  has generated a real improvement of the comfort. Do not consider Ecodesign regulation as a constraint: for our customers Ecodesign is synonym of energy saving and optimized comfort. LENNOX EMEA has developed a dedicated tool in order to estimate the real energy savings and the Total Cost of Ownership taking into account the installation site, the thermal loads of the building, the opening hours… Our commercial team is available to support you in this calculation. Do not hesitate to contact your local representative.

Do you need further information related to Ecodesign?

Below, a table summarizes the main products families sold by LENNOX EMEA and the corresponding Ecodesign directive. Clinking directly in the link, you will have access to the official reglementation.
HVAC familyModeDirective (official publication) + informative noteProduct families definitionDatasheetPerformances targetsSeasonal efficiencies: calculation method
RooftopsCoolingEU2016/2281 + informative note Annex I Point 44 Annex II Table 11Annex II Table 3 According EN14825
HeatingEU2016/2281 + informative noteAnnex I Point 38 Annex II Table 14Annex II Table 1According EN14825
RoomtopsCoolingEU2016/2281 + informative noteAnnex I Point 44 Annex II Table 11 Annex II Table 3 According EN14825
HeatingEU2016/2281 + informative note Annex I Point 38 Annex II Table 14 Annex II Table 1 According EN14825
Chillers Comfort applicationCoolingEU2016/2281 Article 2 Point 8Annex II Table 10Annex II Table 3According EN14825
HeatingEU813/2013Article 2 Point 17Annex II Table 2Annex II Point 1According EN14825
Chillers Process applicationMedium temp. (-8°C)EU2015/1095Article 2 Point sAnnex VII Point 1Annex VII Table 7Transitional method for determination of the SEPR for industrial process chillers
High temp. (+7°C)EU2016/2281 Article 2 Point 10Annex II Table 15Annex II Table 5
Fan coilsEU2016/2281 Article 2 Point 9Annex II Table 13N/AN/A
Air handling unitsNRVUEU1253/2014Article 2 Point 2Annex II Point 2Annex IVAccording EU1253/2014
RVUEU1253/2014Article 2 Point 3Annex III Point 2Annex VAccording EU1253/2014
Refrigeration familyModeDirective (official publication)Product families definitionDatasheetPerformances targetsSeasonal efficiencies: calculation method
Condensing unit for refrigerationRefrigerationEU2015/1095Article 2 Point o Annex V Point 1Annex V Table 4Transitional method for determination of the SEPR for air-cooled condensing units

Ecodesign and our products

Chillers EU 2016/2281 EU 813/2013 EU 2015/1095ECOLEAN ECOMFORT AQUA4 NEOSYS HYDROLEAN MWC
Air handling units EU 1253/2014CLEANAIR LX eNeRGy (without condenser)
Condensing units for Refrigeration EU 2015/1095MINI VANGUARD MAXI DUO CU MEGA MONOHAVANE MULTIHAVANE