Air is life. Make it perfect.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is key in ensuring building’s occupants health and comfort.
In these uniquely challenging times, providing hygienic air is more important than ever.
As key HVAC player and essential business, Lennox has your back.
We have developed recommendations* for cleaner air.
Read up on steps you can take today to improve indoor air quality.

*These tips are based on official recommendations from qualified institutions and associations:


Supply fresh outside air as much as you can

Open windows, make sure restroom remain a closed area.
Keep the ventilation on at night and on weekends at a lowered ventilation rate.
Ensure removing any airborne contaminant by increasing the exhaust air flow.
Set nominal speed ventilation 2h before the building usage, lower speed 2 hours after the building usage.


Control dampers opening for a higher fresh air rate & exhaust of contaminated air

Open the fresh air dampers as much as possible, and close the recirculation dampers in order to avoid the return flow of contaminated air.


Systems without Air Quality Sensor (CO2)

Fully open the fresh air damper to renew the air inside the building.

Systems with Air Quality Sensor (CO2)

Change setpoint to a lower level to ensure nominal speed operation and more fresh air.


Ensure a correct supply of airflow with clean filters

Dirty filters are not a contamination source, but they reduce airflow supply.
Replace filters according to maintenance schedule.
Dirty filters must be placed on a sealed bag and then incinerated.


Systems without airtightness between hygienic fresh air & return air

Turn off the heat recovery feature to make sure there is no return of polluted air.

Systems with airtightness between hygienic fresh air & return air

Keep device on and make sure you follow the appropriate maintenance schedule.


Avoid recirculating the air in environments occupied by more than one person

Turn off fan coils that are not equipped with fresh air ducts.
If fan coils cannot be turned off, keep the ventilation on continuously, even at night and on weekends.


Regulate humidity rate and temperate for optimal comfort

The recomended optimal humidity rate is between 40% and 60%.
Temperature should be set at around 20 degrees.


Keep up with the cleaning & maintenance of your unit

Ductwork, condensate drain pan, siphon, diffuser grids, the unit itself etc. should be cleaned and desinfected.
Keep up the maintenance schedule to ensure optimal use of the different components.

Lennox Service Packs for Indoor Air Quality


Rely on Lennox experts’ visits to assess & optimize the building’s air quality:
# Ventilation adjustments
# Fresh airflow settings
# Filtration optimization
# Humidity & temperature control (according to the unit type)
# Heat recovery option management (according to the unit type)
# Failure risk identification


Stay safe and let Lennox experts manage the building’s air quality & energy remotely:
# Lennox Cloud
# Dedicated IAQ dashboard
# New controller software designed for improved IAQ
# Settings optimization

Upgrade your unit
with Lennox kits
for improved IAQ:

# F7 & F9 filters
# UV-C lights
# Ionization systems

Protective measures must be taken when disinfecting the unit.

Some of these recommendations might need you to reset the system parameters.

Those changes might have an influence on your overall energy consumption.

For customized settings & further guidance,
please get in touch with the Lennox after-sales department.

As HVAC experts, we know that every building is different:
this is why Lennox offers customized solutions.

Need help finding out what’s best for you?

Reach out to a Lennox Expert


Download the IAQ brochure

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