10 March 2016
16 March 2016
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Adalink ll

Lennox web server

One site – Several units

  • Product family: Controls & Supervision
  • Fonction: Lennox web server - One site - Several units
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Main applications

  • BMS “light” system
  • Small installations: up to 16 LENNOX units

Why this choice?

  • Easy supervision system
  • Plug-and-play system
  • Web server application
  • Compatible with most popular browser (IE, Chrome, etc…)
  • User friendly interface
  • Scheduling and setpoint adjusment
  • Remote connection via internet network
  • Multi-languages
  • Ethernet connexion


ADALINK II is the Lennox solution for HVAC installation monitoring. It can be connected to different LENNOX units.

As an option, possibility to integrate other communication devices (energy meters, boilers, lighting…).

ADALINK II can give an overview of the whole site map showing the status of the different units, zooming on each unit and allowing the user to graphically change the set-point, the access to the alarm list, and giving the access to the trend curves.

It is the ideal tool for both genuine users giving access only to specific set-points of the unit, or maintenance specialists (expert mode) giving access to all the parameters of the unit.

Easy scheduling and zoning management.

Main features

  • CL2, CL50 and CL60 compatible.
  • Unloading function (50% and 100% of capacity).
  • Compatible with one CL60 Chiller.
  • Very easy to install, it can be used on any computer through Internet navigator locally and remotely via IP network.
  • I/O are available for counter and energy meter
  • Option Modbus table is available for specific device (Chiller, AHU, energy meter…)
  • Export trends with report alarm by email
  • Smartphone application (first quarter of 2015)


Lennox web server

1 Site – Several liquid chillers

ADALINK can monitor up to 8 CL50 and CL60 units, with same functionalities as ADALINK II.