29 November 2017
27 December 2017
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Vertical packaged air conditioner

  • Market segments: Food Retail, Industry, Non food retail, Office buildings, Shopping malls
  • Product family: Commercial air units
  • Product range: Packaged air conditioners
  • Air flow (m³/h): 3150 > 22450
  • Cooling (kW): 20 > 100
  • Heating (kW): 20 > 100

Main applications

  • Retail premises in urban area
  • Shopping malls
  • Industry

Reduced energy bill

  • Optimized efficiency at full and part loads thanks to variable speed compressor and EC fans in both sides.
  • Performances Ecodesign compliant (EU 2016/2281) exceeding 2021 targets for cooling mode.
  • Possibility to heat or to cool without thermodynamic operation with economizer option enabling to minimize energy bill.
  • Dynamic defrost detects icing by monitoring the difference between refrigerant and outside temperature: save up to 15% on annual energy consumption.


  • Inverter compressor produces energy continuously adapted to building thermal needs.
  • Air quality: Variable speed technology for stabilized air flow and accurate supply temperature.
  • Very high efficiency filter option (M5+F7) offering an optimized air indoor quality.
  • Acoustic comfort: fans equipped with optimized blade geometry to reduce acoustic level.
  • Variable speed fan-motor enabling noise reduction at part load.


  • Products manufactured according standard quality ISO9001.
  • Variable speed compressor: reduction of start ups number enabling to increase units lifetime.
  • Smooth start-up and reduced peak current compared to conventional technology.


  • Vertical design to reduce the footprint at the maximum.
  • Preservation of architecture: 100% indoor installation.
  • Package and split versions to be adapted at every building configuration.
  • Up to 45m (length connection) between condensing unit and air treatment unit.