16 March 2016
17 March 2016
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Air cooled chiller / Heat pump

  • Market segments: Data Center, Hospitals, Hotel, Industry, Non food retail, Office buildings, Process cooling, Shopping malls
  • Product family: Chillers & heat pumps
  • Product range: Air cooled chillers / Heat pumps
  • Cooling (kW): 22 > 200
  • Heating (kW): 24 > 205
  • Eurovent: Certified product

Main applications

  • Small size office buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industry

Why this choice?

  • High efficiency at partial load
  • Very low noise operation
  • Unit with hydraulic module and buffet tank for easy installation
  • Very compact for outdoor or indoor installation

General Description

The ECOLEAN range offers an optimal solution to all air conditioning applications in light commercial and retail applications (offices, shops, restaurants…) or applications in the industry.

This range is designed with the latest technologies to ensure high energy performance all along the year thanks to R410A multi scroll compressors, optimized heat exchange surface area associated with eDrive variable speed pump (optional). LENNOX has designed ECOLEAN targeting the lowest market noise level. This has been achieved by research and development innovations on fan blade technologies and noiseless compressor montage. ECOLEAN is achieving the best market acoustic performance thanks to the use of the latest generation of OWLET fans associated with acoustic compressor enclosure.

ECOLEAN range includes two basic models:

  • Standard version (S) : mainly for outdoor installation (75 Pa available static pressure)
  • Fan pressure version (F) : suited for indoor installation where high available static pressure is required (from 75 to 250 Pa).

Each ECOLEAN model is available in 3 main versions to match every customer need :

  • Standard version (-): This version is featuring a standard efficiency unit with two speed fans.
  • Low noise version (LN): This version is featuring low noise performance (-7 dB(A) average reduction) thanks to a low speed fan and compressor noise insulated in a high performance acoustic jacket.
  • Super Low Noise version (SLN): This version is featuring very low noise performance (-10 dB(A) average reduction) thanks to a low speed fan and compressor noise insulated in a very high performance acoustic cabinet.

This range is also proposed with very compact integral

hydraulic equipment (HY version = Hydraulic module). This one includes all the elements required for a right operation of the unit:

  • Single pump (twin pump as option),
  • Water filter (supplied as standard)
  • Expansion vessel,
  • Air vent,
  • Pressure relief valves…

A version with the integral hydraulic equipment and a supplementary buffer tank (HN version = Hydronic module) is available for cooling applications or heating applications where supplementary electric heaters into the tank can be provided.