7 October 2016
16 June 2017
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Air cooled chiller and heat pump

  • Market segments: Data Center, Hospitals, Hotel, Industry, Non food retail, Office buildings, Process cooling, Shopping malls
  • Product family: Chillers & heat pumps
  • Product range: Air cooled chillers / Heat pumps
  • Cooling (kW): 20 > 185
  • Heating (kW): 20 > 175
  • Eurovent: Certified product

Reduced energy bill

High efficiencies all year round, exceeding European energy efficiency 2021 requirement


Operation and maintenance facilitated through connectivity of the hydraulic system

Compact and low profile

Good architectural integration with full integrated hydraulic module

Efficient acoustic comfort

Low and adjustable sound levels

Comfort applications

Reduced energy bill

  • Energy cost saving thanks to high efficiencies all year round, high SEER and SCOP (A+ Class)
  • eDrive reduces operating cost thanks to inverter on water pump
  • Free hot sanitary water, thanks to partial heat recovery


  • Packaged smart system connectivity for chiller or heat pump with fan coils and AHU installation (Lennoxhydrocontrol)

Plug & Cool/Heat

  • Full hydraulic module integrated with single or dual pump with low or high external static pressure
  • High content water tank, up to 400 liters
  • Low ambient operation in heating down to -15°C

Acoustic efficiency

  • Low and adjustable noise level thanks to Active Acoustic Attenuation system

Process cooling applications

Reduced energy bill

  • Reduced energy cost thanks to high SEPR
  • eDrive reduces operating cost thanks to inverter on water pump
  • Free cooling kit managed by the unit


  • Low ambient, winter cooling operation down to -20°C (EC fan)
  • Redundancy with 2 circuits from 100 kW to 180 kW
  • Dual pump mounted in parallel with low or high external static pressure


  • Remote maintenance system connectivity (LennoxCloud)
  • Very low refrigerant charge and high corrosion resistance (micro channel coil)

Plug & Cool

  • Full hydraulic module integrated
  • High content water tank up to 400 liters