27 December 2017
27 December 2017
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High efficiency packaged air treatment unit

  • Market segments: Industry, Storage and logistic
  • Product family: High efficiency packaged air treatment unit
  • Air flow (m³/h): 0 > 27000
  • Cooling (kW): 0 > 157
  • Heating (kW): 0 > 151
  • Eurovent: Certified product

The New Reference for Packaged Air Treatment Solutions

The new Rooftop eNeRGy is the adaptable Packaged solution offered by Lennox, to provide ventilation, cooling, heating and filtration functions for large volume buildings.

Main applications

  • Industry/Logistic
  • Commercial HVAC

Why this choice ?

  • Indoor air quality
  • Modularity and adaptability to any energy source
  • Very high effi ciency
  • Low thermal losses
  • Optimized «Total Cost of Ownership» (TCO)

Modularity concept

Nowadays, buildings are taking advantage of the best construc- tion techniques, and the different improvements in isolation and lightning technologies contribute to decrease the cooling or heating demands.

eNeRGy range is fully adapted to this new trend and can offer different combinations of thermodynamic refrigerant circuits with the same indoor airflow, giving different cooling or heating capacities

Architectural features

eNeRGy indoor section is built in an aluminum structure with double skin panels mounted with a special locking system to reduce air leakages to the minimum.

Double skin doors, panels, corners and roof offer a double-wall construction with 50 mm Rockwool insulation to provide an increased thermal resistance versus current ranges.

With a Fire class A2, s1, d0 (M0), this construction provides an increased thermal resistance (R=1, 43).

EC fan technology

EC fan technology offers the maximum efficiency together with the minimum power consumption. That’s why eNeRGy provides EC fans both in indoor and exhaust section.

For both supply and exhaust, the units can be configured up to 800 Pa external static pressure (ESP), whatever the options or accessories are chosen in the unit.

The EC plug-fan technology allows:

  • Adapting airflow at commissioning
  • Varying airflow during unit operation providing progressive inflation smooth /textile ductworks
  • Easy maintenance operations ,as there is not pulleys and belts regulation


eNeRGy is fitted with G4 filters as standard and can offer as well, two higher levels of filtration as an option :

  • G4+F7 filter option / efficiency > 85% / 0,4 μm particles
  • G4+F7+F9 filter option / efficiency > 95% / 0,4 μm particles.

Heat recovery options

eNerGy range includes fully integrated modules to recover the energy from the installation.

Regarding the extraction air, eNeRGy offers two energy reco- very options :

  • Rotary wheel
  • Thermodynamic heat recovery circuit

Additionnaly, eNeRGy offers an option to recover the energy released by refrigeration equipments,called eRecovery.