17 March 2016
17 March 2016
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Dry cooler

  • Product family: Air cooled condensers & dry-coolers
  • Capacity range (kW): 20 > 870
  • Eurovent: Certified product


  • The casing is composed of galvanised sheet steel and pre-painted galvanized metal, white colour.
  • The use of stainless steel screws guarantees excellent, long-lasting corrosion resistance (standard ISO 7253) and aesthetic quality.
  • All components used have successfully passed the salt mist corrosion and Kesternich tests.
  • The units are delivered screwed to a wooden base.


  • The FC/FI NEOSTAR range is equipped with 2 speed external rotor fans units (star or delta coupling) – Class F.
  • The FCH/FIH NEOSTAR range is equipped with 2 speed external rotor fans units (star or delta coupling) – Class H.
  • These motors are of the type 400V/3/50Hz, sealed, IP54, compliant with standard EN 60529 and perma- nently lubricated.
  • The motor fan units are wired as standard and factory connected as follows:
    – 1 to 3 electrical boxes for the models L (motors connected in series),
    – 2 to 8 electrical boxes for the models P (motors connected in parallel).
  • We are also able to deliver the units unwired upon request (option SCU).
  • The protection guards are compliant with standard NF EN 294.
  • EC type of motor fan units (MEC) is also optional available and enables optimised operation of your installation.
  • Fans units with special voltage ratings (FC/FI NEOSTAR):
    – M60: Fan motor 400 V/3/60Hz, IP54, class F, in version 06P Ø 910 mm
    – M26: Fan motor 230 V/3/60Hz, IP54, class F, in version 06P Ø 910 mm
    – M25: Fan motor 230 V/3/50Hz, IP54, class F, in version 06P and 12P Ø 800 mm


  • The dry coolers are equipped with coils with the following characteristics :
    – Copper tubes in a staggered arrangement and corrugated aluminium fins for optimum heat transfer.
    – Headers with air vents and drain plugs.
    – Connections: steel pipe, flanges.
  • Special coil coatings are available (Vinyl protection (option BAE), Blygold Polual XT protection (BXT)) offering greater corrosion resistance when used in aggressive atmospheres.


  • As the performance of a dry cooler varies a lot with each working condition, it is not possible to present a selection method in this document.
  • Only the selection software, at your disposal on simple request, will allow you to select the dry cooler which suits the best your needs.
  • For any request, do not hesitate to consult us in specifying: capacity, maximum day/night noise level, type of fluid, ambient temperature, fluid inlet temperature, fluid outlet temperature (or flow), maximum allowed pressure drop, other external constraints.

Why this choice?

  • Replace advantageously cooling towers :
    – no air and water bacteria contamination
    – no water consumption
    – reduced maintenance
    – low maintenance costs
    – no steam production
    – flexible use in winter time
    – simple and cheap installation (steel pipes)
    – easy control of fluid temperature in winter time
  • The most economical solution.
  • Reduced maintenance due to direct driven fans.
  • An optimised solution (noise level, energy consumption, size, type of temperature control…) due to multiple selection possibilities.