17 March 2016
17 March 2016
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Water cooled chiller & Heat pump / Condenserless liquid chiller

  • Market segments: Data Center, Hospitals, Hotel, Industry, Non food retail, Office buildings, Process cooling, Shopping malls
  • Product family: Chillers & heat pumps
  • Product range: Water cooled chiller & Heat pump / Condenserless liquid chiller
  • Cooling (kW): 25 > 160
  • Heating (kW): 30 > 170
  • Eurovent: Certified product

Main applications

  • Residential buildings
  • Small size office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Industry
  • Administration

Why this choice?

  • High efficiency at partial load
  • Water/water geothermal heat pump
  • Split version
  • Very silent and compact design for indoor installation

General Description

HYDROLEAN can be used for comfort air conditioning requirements in offices, shops and hotels, and especially when there are severe noise and dimensional constraints.

The HYDROLEAN range benefits from the latest technological innovations such as scroll compressors, microprocessor control and brazed plate exchanger. Compact unit, the HYDROLEAN liquid chiller is easily installed in small spaces. Since it is fully enclosed, it does not need a dedicated machine room. One unit can be placed on top of another for better use of space, if required (only for sizes 25 to 80).

The original design of each cabinet provides the following advantages: easy to service, no tools required to remove panels and optimal access to various components.

It can be used as a geothermal heat pump.

The HYDROLEAN is connectable with a remote dry cooler (FC NEOSTAR/FI NEOSTAR) or with a remote condenser (NEOSTAR).

The HYDROLEAN range is available in three versions:

  • Cooling only : SWC
  • Heat pump : SWH
  • Unit with remote condenser : SWR