18 March 2016
INNOV@ Energy Inverter
18 March 2016
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Close control unit

  • Market segments: Data Center
  • Product family: Close control units
  • Product range: Close control units
  • Air flow (m³/h): 1800 > 36000
  • Cooling (kW): 6 > 237

Main applications

  • Computer rooms
  • Data centers

Why this choice?

  • Energy efficiency
  • Reliability
  • High quality
  • Full frontal access

General Description

The series of INNOV@ Close Control Air Conditioning units are designed to guarantee and respect all environment protection parameters; they represent the perfect answer to all technical requirements of different technological plant concepts (computer rooms, datacenters, control rooms, EDP rooms, textile industry, metrological rooms, etc …).

The exclusive design with rounded edges, innovative colour and the excellent performances of the INNOV@ series have become the new high quality standard in the close control air conditioning sector. R410A is a new option.

Highest energy efficiency, smallest dimensions and lowest noise levels: these were LENNOX’s targets when developing it’s new INNOV@ series, units designed in order to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The reduction of energy consumption in comparison with traditional technologies reaches values up to 45%.