16 March 2016
16 March 2016
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Lennox HVAC hydronic system

Fan coils and chillers control

  • Product family: Controls & Supervision
  • Fonction: Lennox HVAC hydronic system - Fan coils and chillers control
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Main applications

  • Fan coils and chillers control
  • Small and medium-size applications for offices

Why this choice?

  • Easy supervision system
  • Plug and play connection with Lennox devices
  • Web server system
  • User friendly user interface
  • Zoning, set-point and scheduling
  • Remote connection via internet network
  • Change over controls (optimum cooling/heating mode)
  • Compatible with Lennox chillers & air handling units


LennoxHydroControl is the smartest solution for hydronic systems: it manages and coordinates cooling and heating production (chiller/heat-pump units) through fancoils. It ensures customer comfort, providing important energy savings through building zoning, time scheduling and set points, something which is not possible in the other standard stand-alone systems.

LennoxHydroControl is available for all hydronic installations (cooling only, heating only, reversible system).

LennoxHydroControl is optimized for small and medium size applications and especially designed to fulfill RT2012 specifications for offices.

LennoxHydroControl manages up to 8 zones for fancoils and one for chiller/heatpump.

LennoxHydroControl is managed locally, through simplified

local color touch screen interface (HMI), or remotely by internet browser thanks to the Web-Server embedded in the HMI.

LennoxHydroControl is based on a shared communication system among Lennox devices, which ensures full compatibility, best performances and easy commissioning and maintenance.

Energy savings

Lennox heat pumps and chillers allow high performances and high savings compared to traditional cooling/heating systems.

Lennox fancoils are equipped with EC fan motors, allowing to match perfectly the airflow rate to the customer comfort requirement.