17 March 2016
17 March 2016
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Axial fan condenser

  • Product family: Air cooled condensers & dry-coolers
  • Capacity range (kW): 18 > 1250
  • Eurovent: Certified product

High-tech heat exchanger

  • The NEOSTAR air cooled condenser units are equipped with a high-performance, finned coil composed of profiled aluminium fins crimped onto ribbed copper tubes.
  • For this latest generation of condensers, fins have been specially designed and optimised to improve performance, efficiency and compactness of the units.
  • Special coil coatings are available (Vinyl protection (option BAE), Blygold Polual XT protection (BXT)) offering greater corrosion resistance when used in aggressive atmospheres.


  • The NEOSTAR air cooled condenser range is equipped as standard with 2 speed external rotor fans units (star or delta coupling).
  • The NEOSTAR Power range is equipped with the following motor fan units:
    > Ø 910 mm : 06P (D/Y) = 890/685 RPM,
    > Ø 800 mm : 06P (D/Y) = 890/670 RPM.
  • The NEOSTAR Silence range is equipped with the following motor fan units Ø 800 mm :
    > 08P (D/Y) = 660/540 RPM,
    > 12P (D/Y) = 430/330 RPM,
    > 16P (D/Y) = 255 RPM.
  • These motors are of the type 400V, three-phase, 50 Hz, sealed, IP54, class F, compliant with standard EN 60529 and permanently lubricated. If the temperature exceeds 60°C, consult us.
  • The motor fan units are wired as standard and factory connected as follows:
    > One electrical box for the models L (motors connected in series),
    > Two electrical boxes for the models P (motors connected in parallel).
  • We are also able to deliver the units unwired upon request (option SCU).
  • The protection guards are compliant with standard NF EN 294.
  • In the case of an installation with horizontal air flow, the predominant wind direction must be taken into consideration in order to avoid the risk of propeller damage (propeller turning in the wrong direction during stoppage periods) or difficult motor start up at low speed.
  • EC type of motor fan units (MEC) is also optional available and enables optimised operation of your installation.
  • Fans units with special voltage ratings:
    > M60: Fan motor voltage 400 V/3/60 Hz, IP54, class F, in version 06P Ø800 mm
    > M26: Fan motor voltage 230 V/3/60 Hz, IP54, class F, in version 06P Ø800 mm


  • The casing is composed of galvanised sheet steel and pre- painted galvanized metal, white colour.
  • The use of stainless steel screws guarantees excellent, long-lasting corrosion resistance (standard ISO 7253) and aesthetic quality.
  • All components used have successfully passed the salt mist corrosion and Kesternich tests.
  • The units are delivered screwed to a wooden base.