Start-up of your systems by LENNOX technicians.

  • Control of installation of the unit, and inspection of electrical, hydraulic, and air connections and all other couplings,
  • Adjustment of the unit in accordance with the selection sheet and in accordance with your requirements,
  • Electrical and refrigeration readings and compliance validation,
  • Backup of adjustment settings,
  • Provision of a “digital” commissioning report, specifying all technical updates made for which LENNOX shall be liable.

Manufacturer visit agreement

Control operations will be carried out according to LENNOX recommendations, in compliance with French law, regulations on refrigeration and HVAC installations, in accordance with LENNOX installation instructions, and our general terms and conditions of service.

A duly completed inspection sheet signed by the customer user shall constitute proof of completion of the visit.

The manufacturer visit contract is established based on technical visits in addition to habitual preventive maintenance. LENNOX provides its customers with advice and expertise to ensure optimal oversight of the equipment.

This control includes inspection of the various compartments of a LENNOX unit (electrical, refrigeration, ventilation, filtration, etc. compartments).

The contract may include various options: warranty on parts, labour, remote monitoring, telephone assistance, on-site visits, and other options that can be customised to meet your needs.

Note: For all of these assistance services (Commissioning Assistance, periodic inspection, or performance) our work will be carried out in the presence of one or more DESP certified welding and electricity technicians.

Original equipment replacement parts

To meet the equipment maintenance and repair needs of its customers, LENNOX offers fully compatible original manufacturer replacement parts:


There are more than 2500 item references, 800 of which are centrally located on a dedicated logistics platform, and guaranteed delivery for standard parts ordered before 10 am.

Equipment performance contract

The equipment performance offering is part of the manufacturer visit contract and may be optimised through a remote monitoring system.

LENNOX may also offer additional actions outside the warranty depending upon the specificities of an installation. Where applicable, this inspection may require preparation of a repair estimate. The refurbishment or repair estimate will be sent to the customer as soon as possible.

Work requests (non-warranty repair or diagnostics) will be invoiced for equipment not covered by warranty.

Note: For all of these assistance services (Commissioning Assistance, periodic inspection, or performance), our work will be carried out in the presence of one or more DESP certified welding and electricity technicians.

Remote monitoring, BMS

LENNOX also offers remote monitoring of your equipment to help you achieve significant energy savings:

  • Remote monitoring of the operation of your units.
  • Direct malfunction warning for better responsiveness.
  • In-depth analysis of recorded data to guide you in your operation.

The LENNOX solutions are tailored to help you with your maintenance operations and can provide you with email alerts, measurement records, and many other functionalities.

The LENNOX solutions can provide a solution for “single site” usage as well as management of several remote sites.

Manufacturer audit / Manufacturer assistance

LENNOX may also audit your current equipment base to offer replacement solutions suited to your building that meet the latest regulations in force and provide a complete technical analysis and operational readings for your equipment.

LENNOX can carry out accurate Diagnostics from readings and help you to develop recommendations and action plans for preparing your investment budgets.

LENNOX can also help you with all types of issues requiring on-site work by one of its experts.

Refurbishment / repair work / system improvement

LENNOX commits to work for its customers through service contracts to repair defective equipment and optimise equipment to meet new customer requirements and new regulations:

– Regulation –

Upgrading regulators on current equipment to the latest generation, thus providing optimal energy use and greater comfort.

– Fluids –

In compliance with the F-Gas regulation, since 1 January 2015, refilling HCFC equipment (formerly R22) is prohibited. LENNOX can assist its customers in researching various solutions for replacement with an authorised fluid.

– Customisation –

In the event of new requirements, LENNOX will commit to helping its customers find suitable solutions to help optimise an existing machine and customise it to improve its performance.

WEEE eco-recycling

In accordance with European Union Directive 2012/19/EU, LENNOX is a member of an Eco Organisme (Environmental Organisation) accredited by Ministerial Order 19/12/2012, thus enabling its customers to recycle used equipment and remain in compliance with current regulations.

Technical support