27 December 2017
27 December 2017
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Air cooled rooftop packaged unit

  • Market segments: Food Retail, Non food retail, Restaurants, Shopping malls
  • Product family: Rooftop packaged units
  • Product range: Air cooled rooftop packaged units
  • Air flow (m³/h): 15000 > 39000
  • Cooling (kW): 85 > 220
  • Heating (kW): 85 > 230
  • Eurovent: Certified product

Main applications

  • Medium and large and commercial buildings
  • High volume buildings
  • Logistic centers

Why this choice?

  • Pre-painted aluminium casing
  • Energy effi cient solution
  • Cost effective package for fast and easy installation
  • Multiple heating options available
  • Fresh air control and free cooling/heating management
  • Wide choice of communication interfaces
  • Heat recovery module to decrease energy consumption
  • Optimized total cost of ownership

General description

Rooftop solution is the most cost effective package solution for high efficiency comfort air conditioning of single volume buildings.

  • First class efficiency system thanks to multiscroll compressor technology associated with chlorine free R410A refrigerant. The rooftop unit product line is Lennox most innovative equipment for commercial applications.
  • Advanced eClimatic controller, designed to improve energy efficiency and reliability. This controller integrates master slave capability and a wide choice of communication interfaces.
  • Cost effective package solution for fast and easy installation.
  • Low weight construction for easy lifting in all site configurations.
  • Many standard airflow configurations and wide range of adjustable roof curbs to suit all type of building designs.
  • Multiple auxiliary heating options available, with intelligent control to allow the selection of the most efficient way to generate heating based on the outside temperature and/or energy costs.
  • Fresh air control and free cooling/heating management for healthy and comfortable environments.
  • Heat recovery solutions on exhaust air through an enthalpic wheel.
  • The units are available with the following versions:
    > Heat pump
    > Multiple fuels units combine heat pump with gas fired heating

EC fan technology

EC fan technology offers the maximum efficiency together with the minimum power consumption. That’s why FLEXAIR provides EC fans both in indoor and exhaust section.

For both supply and exhaust, the units can be configured up to 800 Pa external static pressure (ESP).

The EC plug-fan technology allows:

  • Adapting airflow at commissioning
  • Varying airflow during unit operation providing progressive inflation smooth /textile ductworks
  • Easy maintenance operations, as there is not pulleys and belts regulation