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Our goals

Our longterm sustainable journey

Lennox EMEA has at heart to limit climate change by designing and manufacturing sustainable, eco-friendly HVAC-R solutions. Not only do we simply comply with regulations in force, but we are also committed to going even further! To that aim, we are planning to fully transition our portfolio to R32 and are working hard on the future development of propane rooftops and chillers.

Short and medium term


Transition to full R32 portfolio

Long term

Natural Refrigerant

Propane rooftop & Chiller ranges


Maximum efficiency performance

As a major actor in air conditioning, LENNOX EMEA helps its partners to better understand and stay ahead of fast-evolving EcoDesign directives.

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F-Gas Regulation

Reducing global emission

F-Gas regulation bans most powerful greenhouse gases, following a phase-down scheme for HFCs used in the European market. Lennox EMEA guides you throughout your refrigerant transition.

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