In 1895, Dave LENNOX founds “The Lennox Machine Company” in Marshalltown, Iowa (USA) where he manufactures the first ever riveted steel coal-fired furnace.

LENNOX has been enjoying nearly 120 years of existence since, making this company one the oldest in the HVAC&R industry.

Day after day, we continue to write the future of our brand,  because thinking far is in our genes and has been built over time.

After many decades of business focus on North America, Lennox decided to open a factory in Europe. That was in 1962 and, this is when the history of LENNOX EMEA starts.


  • 1962 : Lennox opens a manufacturing plant in Basingstoke, England
  • 1996 : Lennox signs a joint-venture with Ets Brancher (HCF -Hermekit, Cliref, Frimair- & Friga-Bohn) in France
  • 1996 : Lennox buys Refac subsidiaries from dutch group Stork-Bronswerk
  • 1999 : Lennox goes public on the NYSE
  • 2000 : Opening of a Lennox subsidiary in Poland
  • 2002 : Opening of a Representative Office in Ukraine
  • 2003 : Opening of a Lennox subsidiary in Russia
  • 2011 : Opening of a Representative Office in Italy
  • 2012 : Merger of the two entities Lennox HVAC EMEIA and Heatcraft Europe